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G.A.R.age Experiments 


Experimental recordings done with a spontaneous attitude inside friends garages and bedrooms. 




GLASS WALL is a Demo EP composed of some recordings done with engineer Myke Johnson freekturing Jennaé Bennett-TeloMirror (Vocals, Banjo, Guitar), Kaila Katsura -Noite Cote(Drums), and Thomas Mello (Bass); as well as, some lofi improvised tracks done on a Boss Br800 in the Rabbit Hole (Jennaé's studio in Berkeley). 


After a few days of recording, it was released in August 2013 on the Northwest D-Tour to Canada. 



Recorded in November 2013, The "R U Yourself Yet?" EP is a collection of original songs spontaneously buildt at StudioSQ in San Francisco with sound engineer Conrad Hack. 


This experimental EP by a few unique artists, some who had never met before the two day studio session, grew into a 5 track EP overnight. However, due to the abrupt closing of Studio SQ and loss of audio files while in the mixing process, the EP release was put on hold.


 STF was able to reconstruct the old salvaged audio files and send them off to Geoff Saba of Itinerant Home Recordings in Oakland, where they were resurrected from the dead. 


"R U Yourself Yet?" guest freektures Bay Area artists Jennaé Bennett-TeloMirror (Vocals/Banjo/Guitar), Michael Blackmore-MuVonz (synth/keys), BenCello (cello) and from Southern California Mark Ekenrod-S.T.A.B. (Bass) and Kaila Katsura-Noite Cote (Drums) . Every song has it's own story and sound... like each of the people involved in the project. 



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