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"The best things in life are FREEks!"

  S e e K  t h e  F r e e K...​

  Is a shapeshifting music/art project, gathering and shifting through different people, different towns, pollinating minds with the nectar of the imagination and motivation through performance and expression. Collaborating, writing, and experimenting along the way. Seeking the Freeks of the NOWHERE-NOW HERE. 


  The STF project takes on different genres of music and visual art relative to each performance space and the artists/musicians who are collaborating for the evening. Showcasing original songwriting and improvisations reaching from dancy psych garage noise art rock, to melodic jazzy blues, to folky ambient post punk sludge freek outs, Seek the Freek always encourages freekdom of expression. 


Freektured Artists:


Jennaé Bennett (TeloMirror)  - Vocals/Guitar/Banjo/Ukulele/Bass/Words/ Percussion/Etc

Kaila Katsura (NoiteCote) - Drums/Guitar/Synth/Vocals/Guitar/Etc

Barbara Arellano (Bitchcraft) - Bass/Guitar/Drums/Etc

Izzy Hare - vocals

Michael Blackmore (MuVonz) - Synth/Keys/Bass/Percussion/Vocals/Etc

Thomas Mello  (ToHC) - Bass

BenCello (celloist) - Cello  

Megan Schenker - Poetry/Vocals

Mark Ekenrod (Stab, Loud Party) - Bass/Drums

Matt Tucker (Marshall House Project) - Drums

Alex Vo - Guitar

Dustin Brown (Dusty Green Bones Band) - Guitar/Mandolin 

Scotty Brown (Dusty Green Bones Band) - Bass

Jon Ryan (Dusty Green Bones Band) - Percussion

Brandon Adame - Bass

Zach Partain - Bass

Jordon Bennett - Human Theremin 

Nathalie Elisabeth Brilliant - Visual Performance Art

Rachel Rose - Backup Vocals 

Jonny Esser (Disguised As Me, Sister Crowley, ToHC )  - Guitar/Drums/Bass/Audio

Matt Fleetwood - Drums

Myke Johnson  (ToHC) - Audio/Pocket synth 

Von Hack - Audio/Bass

Geoff Saba (Forest Floor) - Audio/ Guitar

MysticVisuals - Spoken Word/Video

Carol Anne (Toxic Slime) - Words/Keys/Drums

Mike Meza (Meza Technology) - Visual Projections

Stanley Mouse - Visual Art

Michael Faherty (Soundscape) - Guitar/Bass

Maitland Vaughan-Turner- Violin

Jordan Hermosillo (Freemans Dead, Ego Death Trip) - Drums/ Keys/ Bass/ Vocals

Ray Alvarado (Deaf Infect, Voice De Corpse Aroma)  - Bass/Guitar/Percussion

Laurus Myth - Visual Performance Art

Andrew Jones (Supplement) - Percussion/electronic gidgets & gadgets/ Guitar/ Bass/ Banjo

Colby Garr  (The Crooked Squares ) - Percussion/Bass/Guitar/Vocals

Candra (Meow Twins) - Drums/Vocals

Zaine (Meow Twins, Freeman's Dead) - Bass/Guitar

Alexander David Potts (The Memorials, Adam Lasher Band )- Guitar

Austin Morrissey (Cryote)- Bass/Guitar/Drums/Theremin

Esther Kang (King Kang) - Flute, Guitar, Drums

Alec Nystrom (Black Water Reds, Victorian Sky) - Bass, sound

Anthony Colocho (Colocho & the Band of Wizards) -Bass/Guitar

Elyse Elizabeth - Drums

Miffed Jeffersonian (X17)  - Percussion/ Dr. Suess Bicycle 

Reid Murray (Tango) - Drums, bass, guitar

Andrew Platt (Stranger Liquids) - Visual

Landon Reed (Cryote)- drums, bass, guitar, vocals

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